MediaWiz Tech

As our client base grows, so does the demand for new age tech solutions that use our philosophy of simple and cost effective solutions to benefit you. Our tech solutions include crms, chat bots, web3 consulting, nft utlization, design, smart contacts and community development.


Customer Relationship Management

We offer professional and customizable CRM solutions to help you keep track of your customers, leads and projects.

Chat Bots

Chat bots can answer common customer queries, book appointments, accept payments, generate leads and more.

Artificial Intelligence

We provide AI solutions, from content systems, to marketing automation, whatever your brand needs and can help you get upto speed.

NFT Utilization Strategy

We strategize and identify the best use case for your brand to leverage NFTs for web3 marketing & on chain solutions.

NFT Design & Tech

NFT designs, collateral, minting websites, smart contracts, platform integrations and a lot more is what we can do, fast!

Web3 Management & Community

You need someone to stay on top of your project post launch, to keep the community engaged and to ensure consumers value.